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What is Teambition ?

Teambition is a collaboration tool that facilitates teamwork. It is “Project”-based and provides not only basic applications such as “Tasks”, “Posts”, “Files”, “Meetings” and “Group Chat”, but also many plug-in functions. Teambition creates an outstanding experience through elaborate design, enabling you and your team members to work together at any time.

You can use Teambition App to do the following:

• Fast Initialization: define goals, set up new projects and invite team members;

• Task Management: create new tasks/subtasks, appoint executors and add participants, add and update related task information;

• Work Arrangements: create “meeting” to arrange meetings, make important appointments, as well as keep you up to date on the schedules of other project members;

• Progress Synchronization: monitor project updates in “Home” at any time, and check detailed project progress information by clicking on the projects;

• Check Information: check your own tasks, schedules and favorite information in “Me”;

• Receive Notifications and Respond: receive real-time updates in “Notification”, so that you can respond promptly;

• Information Sharing: create “Post” to share work information, provide summaries on knowledge and experience, and offer praise for outstanding points that have been shared;

• File Sharing: upload files for others to access, update, download and comment on files, and preview commonly used files including pictures, Doc, PDF, Xlsx, MP4, etc.;

• Real-time Communication: communicate with colleagues and team members via “Chat” whenever necessary;

• Enterprise Application: enterprise edition users are given free access to not only visualized statistical information, project reports and other enterprise functions, but also some exclusive enterprise applications.

At present, Teambition, a collaboration tool, manages more than 3 million projects from clients across 38 industries, such as TMT, manufacturing, education and training, finance, advertising and media, design, consulting, and legal services. Its user recommendation rate is higher than 95%.


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